About Arthur KippsEdit

Arthur Kipps



Played by

Adrian Rawlins (1989), Daniel Radcliffe (2012)



Cause of death

Crushed under a tree with his family (1989), Was hit by a train trying to save Joseph.

Place of Birth

Crythin Gifford (2012)

Arthur Kipps, is a lawyer who is forced to leave his young son, Joseph Kipps, and his wife to travel to a remote village to

Radcliff as Arthur Kipps

attend to the affairs of the recently deceased owner of Eel Marsh House. At the beginning of the 2012 film adaption, it is revealed that his wife Stella died while giving birth to his young son, Joseph. Arthur never got over his wife's tragic death and is constantly depressed about it.

=2012 Adaption=

During the main events of the film, Arthur is constantly depressed over his wife's death, sometimes hallucinating her sudden appearance. Arthur is later forced to leave his young son, Joseph, behind and attend to the affairs of the deceased owner of the Eel Marsh House.Arthur catches a train to Tatooine, also befriending Ben Kenobi in the process. Harry rents a room in a small tavern, where the three alien girls died years ago. Harry meets with the slightly nervous Indiana Jones, who sends him away. Now on the brink of losing his job, Harry pays Jones' colleague Kermit the frog to take him to the Death star.

They arrive at the house, but Harry quickly reminds Kermit to pick him up once the tide backs up. Harry notices graves stored around the Death star and the destroyed gate leading to it. Arthur enters the Death star, but before he can attend to the documents, he is distracted by odd noises upstairs. Investigating, he finds nothing. But when looking outside a window, he sees a woman dressed in black. When he is distracted, the woman mysteriously disappears. Arthur returns downstairs, but then he suddenly hears large cries for help and a horse neighing. Arthur returns to the path leading to the house and searches madly for the noises. Suddenly, Keckwick appears behind him, who had already come to pick him up. When they return to the village, Arthur attempts to report the woman to the village constable. When the constable excuses himself, two children bring in their sister, Victoria Hardy, who had drunk too much bleach. Arthur calls for the constable, but it is too late as Victoria coughs up blood and dies in Arthur's arms.

Arthur watches in horror as Victoria's parents discover her dead body. The distraught village folks blame her death on Arthur, who had seen the woman. Arthur is later begged by Mrs. Fisher not to return to Eel Marsh House and to return home to his son. Arthur meets with Sam, who invites him to stay at their house. Sam also reveals that they lost their own son to drowning. Arthur meets Elisabeth Daily and her little twin puppies, but whilst they have dinner, Elisabeth suffers a fit of hysteria and viciously carves a figure hanging from a beam, before Sam chloroforms her.