Nathaniel Drablow (2 August 1883 – 29 December 1871) is a character from the Woman in Black. He was the son of the Woman in Black. He was riding

Nathaniel in a family photo.

in a horse trap with his aunt, his nanny and Keckwick's father when it got stuck in mud. Nathaniel, his nanny and Keckwick's father got trapped under the mud and drowned. They died in 1871. jennet , his mother , had plans on taking him away as they had started to become very close. 
Nathaniel Drablow



Played by

Ashley Foster



Cause of death

Fell into mud and drowned while out for a ride in a horse trap.


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A muddy Nathaniel.

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Nathaniel with his aunt and uncle.

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Nathaniel falling into the mud.