The Victims of the Woman In Black (excluding Arthur and Joesph).

The victims of the Woman in Black are all children, except Arthur and Harry (from Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death). Every time somebody sees the Woman in Black, a child in Crythin Gifford died a tragic death. The deaths shown in the film are jumping from an attic window, drowning in the sea, drinking lye and being burnt alive. Every time the child dies, the woman is present, however in the opening scene when the Fisher girls die, the Woman in Black is not seen but she is seen there in a clip of it later in the film as Mrs Daily is telling Arthur about the children who have died. The children are seen as ghostly shadows in the grounds of Eel Marsh House, and again at the end in the windows of the train. In both sightings they are wearing grey clothings. Some of the Woman in Black victims were seen earlier in the film before their death, and some of them are unknown.

List of victims and how they died:

  1. 3 Fisher Girls - jumped out of their attic windows.
  2. Victoria Hardly - drank lye and coughed up blood.
  3. Keckwick's son - drowned in the sea.
  4. Nicholas Daily - drowned in the sea.
  5. Lucy Jerome - smashed an oil lamp at her feet and burned to death.
  6. Joseph Kipps - hit by a train.
  7. Arthur Kipps - hit by a train.
  8. Unknown children - deaths are unknown.
  9. Harry (from Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death) - drowned in the marsh whilst trying to save Jean and Edward.
  10. Joyce (from Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death) - suffocated with a gas mask.
  11. Tom (from Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death) - died on the beach.
  12. Nathaniel Drablow - even though he is not a victim, he died by drowning in the marsh in a pony and trap.
  13. Alice Drablow - even though she is not a victim, she died of old age.
  14. Jennet Humfrye - even though she is the Woman in Black herself and is not a victim, she died by hanging herself in the nursery.
  15. Stella Kipps - even though she is not a victim, she died in childbirth



Some of the victims during the storm.


The victims at the train station.


  • Arthur And harry are the only adult victims and are the oldest victim of the woman in black
  • If it's children only, then Nicholas is the oldest victims being 9.
  • The youngest victim is Joseph being 4.
  • Early drafts of the script mention one victim's name being Polly Shaw, a small girl with red hair. Another name mentioned is Annie Brown, who's grave was seen after Victoria Hardy's funeral. It is unknown if either child was in the final draft of the film.
  • Strangely, every victim of the Woman appears to Arthur (and to the viewing audience) in apparel they were never seen in before. In fact, the clothing that he victims wear would be most unconventional at the time the film is set in. The children's post-mortem clothing suggests mourning, i.e. Victoria Hardy's black bow and the Fisher girl's laced pinafores. However, the practice of bleaching clothes for funeary purposes was long-since outdated in the Edwardian era, which is the time frame for the picture.through,it may possible that several of the victim was killed in the Victorian time or that it represent pure and innocent souls
  • it is unknown if the victims are pure spirit or corporeal to some degree, as they appear to be decaying in the marsh scene, but are featured at the train station as looking normal. it might possible that they have been doomed to stay with the woman in black forever
  • in an early draft of the script, Mrs. Daily says that Jennet had already claimed Jerome's firstborn child. As such, it is entirely possible that one of the shown victims is related to Lucy.
  • it was unknown why joseph and arthur was the only victim of the woman in black not to be doomed with her forever but it was possible that the woman in black spare the both due to arthur helped her reunited with her son