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THE WOMAN IN BLACK stars Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and co-stars Ciarán Hinds (The Debt), Janet McTeer (Into The Storm) and Shaun Dooley (The Red Riding Trilogy). The gothic horror thriller is directed by James Watkins (Eden Lake) and adapted for the screen by Jane Goldman (X-Men: First Class) from Susan Hill's 1983 novel. (Warning! Pictures may scare or may not scare you!)


The story begins in 1900-01* with the 3 Fisher girls who were playing with their toys. However, the kids suddenly stood up and left their toys without any subconsciousness. As they walked to the door, a strange woman could be seen and the girls jumped to their deaths as Mrs. Fisher cried for her daughters.

10 years later , in 1910-1911*, a young lawyer, named Arthur Kipps, (Radcliffe) travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals. He is going through tough times due to his wife, Stella, recently dying in childbirth. He is sent to the village by his firm to retrieve some estate papers. If he doesn't come back with the papers, he will be fired. He is told to leave by many of the villagers, but he tells them that he has to do what he came there to do and he's not leaving until he has finished the job. He then meets a man named Sam Daily, who takes him to a hotel to stay for the night before Arthur heads to Eel Marsh House in the morning. The next morning Sam Daily comes to pick Arthur up and take him to Eel Marsh House by horse and buggy. They arrive at Eel Marsh House and Sam Daily tells Arthur that he will pick him up later. He leaves and Arthur stars towards the house. He thinks that he sees a face of a woman in the upstairs window, but keeps walking towards the house. He gets to the front door and knocks. No answer. He then opens the door and enters the house. Once inside, he sees a cobwebbed chandelier and a couple of trinkets. He then finds a room and he can hear the tapping of a rocking chair on the other side. He tries the doorknob, but finds the door to be locked. He then goes into another room and finds a baby crow has fallen out of its nest purched on top of the fireplace. Then, the crow mother swoops past loudly. This being the first jump in the film. He then goes to the window and opens it. Then seeing The Woman in Black in the distance and then vanishing. He reports the sighting at the local police station, but, while there, two boys bring their sister, Victoria who has drunk lye. She coughs up blood and then dies in Kipps' arms. Victoria is not the first child in the town to commit suicide, and the townspeople believe The Woman in Black comes for their children as revenge for her own child being taken from her, and believe that when someone sees her, a child nearby the person who saw her, is killed, which could be why children have been dying since Kipps' arrival at Eel Marsh House as Kipps saw her there. That night, Sam reveals he and his wife Elisabeth lost their young son to drowning. Elisabeth suffers from fits of hysteria, which she attributes to her boy speaking through her. Onto the table, she carves a figure hanging from a beam, before Sam sedates her.

The next night at the Eel Marsh House, Arthur finds correspondence between Alice and her sister Jennet Humfrye (Liz White). Jennet denies Alice's verdict of "mentally unfit" and demands to see her son Nathaniel, whom the Drablows formally adopted. A photo of the Drablows is defaced while Arthur's back is turned. A death certificate reveals that Nathaniel drowned in a carriage accident on the marsh. Jennet blames Alice for saving only herself and for leaving Nathaniel's body in the marsh without a proper burial. Jennet hangs herself in the nursery, vowing never to forgive Alice. Arthur also sees visions of dead children in the marshes, with the Fishers' daughters and Victoria Hardy among their number.

The knocking sound of an empty rocker lures Arthur to the locked nursery. Intending to smash the lock with a hammer, he finds that the door now swings open, and he goes inside. He has a vision of the Woman in Black where she appears hanging from a roof beam. He runs outside to find Sam. Back in town, Mr Jerome's house has seemingly caught fire with Jerome's daughter (who'd been barricaded in the basement at the time) still inside. When Arthur attempts to save her, he sees the Woman goading the girl into immolating herself with a flood lantern. After witnessing her suicide, Arthur flees the building as it collapses. Upon his return, he sees the entire village looking on the scene. As they did with Victoria Hardy, the townspeople blame Arthur for the death and solidify their resentment of him.

Elisabeth says the Woman is Jennet, who appears before she takes a child away by having them commit suicide. Arthur's young son Joseph, who is coming to Crythin Gifford the next day with his nanny, is Jennet's next intended victim. To lift the curse, Arthur and Sam find Nathaniel still in the carriage on the marsh, and place the boy's body in his room. Arthur lures Jennet to the body. Arthur and Sam bury Nathaniel with Jennet.

Assuming everything has finished, the next night Arthur joins with his son Joseph at the train station. While bidding farewell to Sam and waiting for the train to London, Arthur sees the Woman in Black on the other side of the platform while Joseph walks entranced on the tracks towards an oncoming train. Arthur leaps onto the tracks to save Joseph, while Sam sees the Woman and the dead children's faces in the train windows.

After the train passes, Arthur opens his eyes to darkness in the now deserted station. He looks around as Joseph asks "Who's that lady?". Arthur's late wife waits farther down the tracks, implying that Arthur and Joseph were killed by the train. The family vanishes into the fog together while the Woman in Black looks on and then turns to face the audience.

Jumps throughout the film (in order of appearance):

  • Muck coming out of the water spout in the sink
  • Mother crow swooping past Arthur loudly after he puts the baby crow back into the nest
  • Arthur turning around while in the foggy marsh and finding Keckwick standing behind him
  • Arthur looks through the peephole on the door to the cellar and sees a close up of Lucy Jerome
  • Arthur walks back to the house from the gravestone and sees The Woman in Black in the upstairs window
  • Arthur goes back into the house and goes to look out the same window and The Woman in Black is standing behind him
  • Arthur checked the rocking chair only to find strange noise and laughing. as he turn back, The Woman in Black hanged herself again
  • When Arthur waited for the woman in black to reclaim her son, the candle stop lighting and the woman in black appeared, screaming and attacked Arthur.

The sequel, The Woman in Black : The Angel of Death takes place in the Blitz (which was 1940-41). The film also mentions the event of The Woman in Black was 40 year prior the sequel so assume it was right, " The Woman in Black" will take place in 1900-01. The early draft of the Woman in Black set the Fisher girls death was 10 years before Arthur's arrival which means,assuming if the years was match to the final draft, The Fisher girls died in 1890-91. However, it was strange that the time of the Fisher Girls' death was during the Victorian times, not the Edwardian time like they stated in the plot (Victorian period was from 1837-1901 while the Edwardian was from 1901-1914). However, it would be correct if assumed the first haunting was the Fisher Murder which would mean they died in 1900-01 and Arthur arrived in 1911. The appearance of Sam Car supported the 1911 timeline.


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